The soft drinks industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Soft drinks are any water-based flavored drink, a class of nonalcoholic beverages, and normally containing a natural or artificial sweetener, edible acids, natural or artificial flavors, and sometimes juice.

The “soft” in soft drinks is an adjective used in relation to a hard drink. The beverage is not soft like a pillow. Rather, it is nonalcoholic, unlike a hard drink, which is a distilled alcoholic beverage.

The global soft drinks market size was valued at USD 434.50 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2022 to 2028. Rising disposal incomes, changing lifestyle, and a growing population is expected to promote market growth over the next few years.
Types of soft drinks include Lemon/lime/ Citrus drinks, Fizzy drinks, Soda, Cola, Tea, Ginger ale, Sparking and still water, Ginger and Root beer, etc.

Filters are used to protect soft drink processes and product quality. They prevent possible contaminants from entering the production system with ingredients. They also remove bacteria and other organisms that might enter the system from a variety of sources, even the environment.

Increasing the Value of Soft Drinks with Darlly Filtration

Darlly designs and manufactures filter products that are widely used in the soft drinks industry and helps to optimize your manufacturing process. We have over 27 years of expertise in filtration applications in food & beverages and we have supplied more than 4000 customers worldwide.

Depending on the type of soft drink, the filtration steps in the processing of a soft drink include:

  • Process water filtration
  • Concentrate
  • sweetener
  • additives and sugar syrup filtration
  • Gas or air filtration
  • Final filtration
  • Sterile filling

This optimized filtration process provides robust and highly reproducible product filtration protection. Contaminants are effectively removed. And, operating at ambient temperature, it protects flavor and maximizes shelf life.

Darlly products materials of construction comply with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact use as detailed in the US Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR, and meet the requirements of European Commission Directives ((EU) 10/2011), and offering for both small scale applications and larger production capacities.



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