Life science has entered an outbreak period in the 21st century with revolutionary breakthroughs in scientific frontiers such as vaccines, antibodies, and CGT, etc. As an eternal topic closely related to human health, biotech, and pharmaceuticals can't be separated from critical filtration technology.

Darlly filtration products are widely used in APIs, preparations, biopharmaceuticals, and other industries. Our filtration materials are FDA-approved and meet the USP biosafety test, clean rooms comply with ISO9001 and cGMP standards. The use of sterile materials and a sterile production environment can meet product integrity and safety requirements.

  • Filtration of sterile APIs
  • Filtration of injection and eye drops
  • Large/small infusion and needle filtration
  • Filtration of vaccines, antibodies, and blood products
  • Pharmaceutical excipients such as culture medium and buffer filtration
  • Tank venting and gas filtration, etc.