Our lab capabilities

The Darlly Lab Center provides expert analysis of manufacturing materials and finished products. We conduct performance tests and special characterization analysis services to ensure that products match customers' needs for stable mass production.

Comprehensive Test and Analysis Capabilities

Basic Tests

  • Pore Size Analysis
  • Retention Efficiency Test
  • Microbial Retention
  • Chemical Tolerance
  • Flow Differential Pressure
  • Filtration Capacity

Integrity Tests

  • Bubble Point
  • Diffusion Flow
  • Forward Flow
  • Water Intrusion
  • Pressure Decay

Extractable Analysis

  • Particle Shedding
  • Metals Extractions
  • Dissolved Solids Extractions
  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Release Resistivity Response

Test Equipment

  • SEM
  • PSS
  • ICP-MS

1000 + sqm lab space

Comprehensive laboratory for validation, analysis, and microbiology. Equipped with new generation advanced instrumentation.

US$3M in upgrades

Lab improvements completed in 2016 receive on-going investment to further advance our capabilities.

Technicians and researchers

Our team of experienced experimentalists strive to find the best solution.

50+ projects completed annually

These allow Darlly to serve our customers and further improve our expertise and quality of our responses.

Validation and Analytical Projects

Each year, Darlly’s advanced Lab Center issues hundreds of customer-support documents.
Including: process validation reports, quality assurance statements, custom analysis reports, and application guidance. We help life science, microelectronics, food & beverage, and general industry customers optimize their processes and optimize production efficiencies.

Validation Services for Sterile Processes

Our Lab Center strictly follows regulatory requirements of CFDA, FDA, ChP, USP and other countries' pharmaceutical and food production guidelines to provide sterilization and filtration performance verification. We help ensure that our users’ products meet the latest GMP requirements.

Sterilization filter performance confirmation activities include these tests:

Microbial retention, integrity tests, biosafety (toxicity & endotoxin), permeability, pressure tolerance, multiple sterilization cycles, extractables, particle release, and fiber shedding.