Juice -
In the production of fruit juice, the retention of flavor and nutrition is the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. Membrane filtration process is carried out at room temperature with mild filtration, which helps to retain the original taste of raw materials and remove bacteria, spores, colloid and peculiar smell and bitterness, etc. It is a promising sterilizing and clarifying technology for juice drinks. Because the raw materials contain products that block the filter material, Darlly Filtration has rich experience in selecting appropriate filter products.

Fruit juice is a fermentable but unfermented juice or serous product made from fruits or vegetables using physical methods (mechanical methods, water extraction, etc.). Or in concentrated fruit juice (pulp) added to the same amount of water removed during processing to restore the juice, slurry products. The membrane filtration process is carried out at room temperature, does not involve heating process, and does not change the flavor and nutritional ingredients of the product, especially the heat-sensitive ingredients, making it an excellent choice for fruit juice and its drinks.