Fructose syrup
High fructose corn syrup is an important natural sweetener, and its functionality and economy make it an ideal substitute for granulated sugar. During the production process of HFCS, temperature, viscosity, density and so on have higher requirements on the precision, strength, filtration efficiency and reuse of filtration materials. Syrup from the variety of products and impurities in the process of production the whole filtration process involves clarifying protection filter, remove the insoluble protein, mechanical impurity, activated carbon capture and eventually eliminate bacterium, Darlly Filtration big set according to the requirements of fructose syrup each process point design the most appropriate filtering solution for your product to achieve the best filtering effect, while keeping the economy.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a new product developed in the 1970s, is an important sweetener. It is a kind of mixed syrup made from starch in rice, corn and potato, which is liquefied by -amylase, hydrolyzed by glycosylase and converted into glucose, and then isomerized by glucose isomerase. It is mainly composed of fructose and glucose.
Fructose syrup has high temperature, high sugar content and certain viscosity in the production process. The accuracy and efficiency of filtration materials, product strength and recoverability of filtration performance are the keys to the success of filtration process.