Good fruit wine, wine should be clear, transparent, no sediment and suspended matter, give a person a sense of clarity, color is also the juice of the special pigment and aroma. The membrane filtration process is carried out at room temperature, and the pure physical method is used for filtration. There is no qualitative change in the separation process, and bacteria, impurities, extracts and harmful substances can be removed from the process. The fine degree of filtration determines the quality of the liquor. Darlly Filtration helps customers to find the most suitable filtration solution through verification and other tests conducted by its laboratories.

Fruit wine is fermented by yeast into alcohol with the sugar of the fruit itself. It has pure, elegant, pleasant, harmonious aroma and wine. It is sweet and sour and full bodied.
There are many kinds of fruits in Our country, many fruits can brew fruit wine, especially plums, apples, kiwifruit, bayberries and other varieties in the wine brewing accounted for a larger proportion. At present, commercial production of a wide variety of wine, according to brewing methods and product characteristics, divided into fermentation wine, distilled wine, prepared wine, sparkling wine.
Generally, certain amount of SO2 and pectinase powder should be added in time when apple and other fruit juices enter the fermentation tank, and separation should be carried out before fermentation occurs, so as to reduce the content of impurities in fruit juice to the minimum level, which can avoid the influence of impurities on the taste quality of fruit juice.