The effects that contamination can have on hydraulic and lubrication, contaminants would pile up, and contaminant-induced abrasion would go uncontrolled, resulting in disrupted lubrication and machines more prone to premature failure.

It’s not difficult to understand why oil filtration is so important to industrial machinery.

During the operation of a hydraulic/ lubrication system, particles, water and oil degradation are produced continuously, as hydraulic/ lubrication fluids are in contact with moving parts in the system. Oil contamination accounts for the highest percentage of failures in a hydraulic/ lubrication system. Solid particles in high amounts are transported by the oil flow, and these particles can become wedged between metal parts, destroying the surface and creating millions of new particles, if not filtered out.

Water is another major threat to hydraulic and lubrication systems. Small amounts of water in the oil fluid will reduce its performance. This water under high pressure creates micro pitting in gears, bearings and pumps, also adding to particle build-up in the system.

Oxidation, due to the presence of air and hydrolysis due to water, can lead to varnish and sludge build-up on a system’s filter.

Advanced filtration technologies provide a whole new level of filtration performance. These media increase the dirt-holding capacities of the filter and reduce pressure drops, which results in enhancements in protection and performance.

Then a hydraulic or lubrication filter is installed to capture pieces of metal, dirt particles, unwanted chemistry and/or water. A highly efficient filter in a system will reduce contamination and system breakdowns, while also increasing safety and component life.

In the function, the filtration process is divided into suction filtration, pre-filtration and fine filtration. Pre-filtration and fine filtration adopt filter cartridges with high filtration efficiency, High pressure resistance, high dirt holding capacity and long lifetime.

Filter Efficiency

Filtration Solutions for Hydraulic and Lubrication

Filtration Solutions for Hydraulic and Lubrication