The automotive industry has become a vital element in the economy of the industrialized countries—motor vehicle production and sales are one of the major indexes of the state of the economy.
The industry’s principal products are passenger automobiles and light trucks, including pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles, etc.
The world's motor vehicle production has reached 85,016,728 in 2022.

Filtration Importance

The automotive manufacturing process is more complex than ever and less tolerant to dirt, so filtration has become a vital part of the manufacturing process.
Filter products have been widely used in automotive manufacturing: parts washing, pretreatment and e-coat, paint and coat, air cleaning, etc.

Water Treatment

Automotive manufacturers and factories use a large amount of clean water, with pre-treatment processes discharging more than 80% of the total water used in the parts washing and paint spraying process. Therefore, to produce
high-quality water, the high efficiency filtration systems are necessary to reduce particles, dirt, and impurities in water systems that could clog the inlet, outlet and nozzle.

Pretreatment and E-coat

Vehicles from weld shop carry a large amount of ferrous powder and grease. These contaminants must be removed before coat painting to ensure the overall quality/durability of the E-coat applied to the vehicle parts. Final pretreatment rinsing is an important last stage before E-coat.

Paint and Coat

The painting and coating process requirements are very strict and the paint should be well filtered application to ensure a smooth paint surface. Filtration can remove contaminants and impurities, protect the paint spraying smoothly from clogging, greatly improve product quality and reduce cost.

Darlly filtration solutions help the automotive manufacturing industry greatly improve product quality, optimize cost and waste caused by unqualified products.

Filtration Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing Industry