In Post-Moore Law Period, as process nodes continue to shrink and feature sizes and geometries become more complex, sensitivity to contamination during the manufac­turing process has increased significantly. Advanced semiconductor manufacturing requires extremely clean fluid streams thereby driving the need for high-end filtration and purification solutions. Tighter contamination control can significantly improve yield.

Darlly's filtration technology is able to remove particles, impurities, and other pollutants in different key processes. Utilizing the latest membrane and cleanliness technologies, we offer filters and filtration solutions to meet the most critical demands of aggressive acid, base, and cleaning applications.

  • CMP
  • PVD copper plating
  • Wet etch clean
  • Litho
  • Chemical delivery system
  • General filtration
  • Final cleaning and DI water filtration
  • Plating, Etching, Stripper chemicals
  • Chemicals of acid, bases, and solvents (selected applications)
  • FFU, etc.